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Executive and board members and Fellows of the Institute are interviewed in the media and publish opinion pieces relayed to the Crown.


October 18, 2020: Michael Jackson

Cross Country Checkup: Is it time to reconsider whether Canada needs a Governor General? (CBC Radio)

September 21, 2020: Barbara Messamore

PMO failed to check with key former employers before Payette’s appointment as Governor General: sources (CBC News)

September 20, 2020: Michael Jackson

Trudeau, Payette may be headed for awkward encounter over throne speech, observers say (CBC News)

August 23, 2020: Nathan Tidridge

Indigenous people teach the importance of ceremony (Toronto Star)

August 11, 2020: Barbara Messamore, Michael Jackson, and Philippe Lagassé

Can you fire a Governor General? (CBC News)

August 10, 2020: John Fraser, Michael Jackson, and Michael Valpy

Amid governor-general controversy, let’s reform viceregal appointments (The Globe and Mail)

June 26, 2020: John Fraser, Michael Jackson, Serge Joyal, and Michael Valpy

The Supreme Court reaffirms the Canadian Crown’s importance to our country’s sense of order (The Globe and Mail)

May 15, 2020: John Fraser and Nathan Tidridge

An empowered GG could restore Crown’s role as Treaty partner (Policy Options)

April 4, 2020: John Fraser and Carolyn Harris

Why the Queen’s rare broadcast will bring ‘dignity and gravitas’ to the battle against COVID-19 (CBC News)

February 12, 2020: Nathan Tidridge

Abolishing monarchy in Canada will complete colonization of Indigenous people (Toronto Star)

February 11, 2020: Bill Galbraith

What Lord Tweedsmuir’s story teaches Canada about challenging times (Ottawa Citizen/ Postmedia)

January 16, 2020: Michael Valpy

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles should be the only ‘royals’ around here (Maclean’s)

January 24, 2020: Carolyn Harris

What it takes for British royalty to truly become Canadian (The Globe and Mail)

January 9, 2020: Carolyn Harris

Long may it reign: Forget about Harry and Meghan, the monarchy always comes first (The Globe and Mail)


December 10, 2019: Michael Jackson and Philippe Lagassé

After years of mixed messages, Trudeau signals he’s treating the Crown more seriously (National Post)