Thrones in the Senate of Canada Building

Experts on the Canadian Crown

Founded in 2014, the Institute for the Study of the Crown in Canada is a respected authority on the Crown in Canada, having evolved from an informal network, begun in 2005, of people from a variety of backgrounds interested in promoting knowledge and understanding of the institution of constitutional monarchy in Canada.

Who we are

The Institute is headed by a president, is governed by an executive committee, and is supported by an expert advisory board.


The Institute has established a College of Fellows to recognize distinguished persons who have made major contributions to the study of the Crown.

For classrooms

A new short video, Why do we need a Governor General?, outlines the Crown’s role in government formation. Also available in French and Cree.


The Institute is proud to have supported the publication of several books and academic journals. The Institute has published a general bibliography on the Crown in Canada.


The Institute periodically holds conferences bringing together Canadian and international experts and practitioners for discussion and debate. 

In the media

People associated with the Institute are regularly sought out by media to comment on issues related to the Crown.